Who We Are

Reader is Leader is among the largest global educational and skill-training operating systems. It is a nonprofit organization community project devoted entirely to enabling any and every one, anywhere, at any time, and at any subject level, to research almost everything. We are a motivating force and one of the main facilitator of the positive social change by remarkable economic approach continuity, affluence, and inclusivity for all.

Our Mission

We’ve created multiple pledges to the world. These have kept us firmly rooted ever since beginning:


Boost universal access to top-notch learning for all people all across.


Improve on-campus and digital education and training


Research has the potential to enhance learning and instruction.

Learners Are Given Preference

Students learn first because you’re important. Because education is an essential human privilege. We encourage you even though we believe that if you have the appropriate equipment, you will find your way forward. And make positive adjustments for both you and the globe.

Share Your Superpower

Give something back what you’re good at. Whenever feasible. We established reader is leader to provide learning to teaching and learning worldwide. Be magnanimous; it is the catalyst for transformation.

Expand Your Thinking

Having an effect implies every time maintaining the congregation and its large network in psyche. For all of us, it meant forging friendships with non-governmental institutions, corporations, and even entire nations. Including others in your action means that we can all grow around each other.

Access Knowledge Like Never Before

Individuals shouldn’t be prevented from achieving their objectives because of a lack of accessibility. We aspire to link gaps in the knowledge, short comings, close expert skills shortages, and embolden quite so many individuals as possible. We all can look into ways to involve others in your quest.

Face Arising Challenges

When we face collaborative obstacles, it is worth listening for each of us to adapt to the situation and progress. We ventured in to support teaching and learning who required digital classes on multiple niches in both English as well as Urdu language. It can be a best platform for those who seeking to learn Urdu. They can easily adopt the Urdu courses to improve their Urdu vocabulary as well as they will be able to better gain the knowledge of concerned course.

If It Doesn’t Exist, Create It

Nothing can be done purely because it hasn’t been accomplished. After years, “is still not successfully completed” has transformed into a world of opportunities to obtain academic qualifications in ways that weren’t previously possible. Look at the empty spaces and imagine what could be.

Begin Locally, Then Expand Globally

Making a change entails starting where you are and progressing. As our learners and courses have spread around the world, so has our ability to reach them in their native languages. Let us continue to push beyond our comfort zones and national borders.

Set Apparently Insurmountable Goals

We pushed ourselves to envision big and you will surely praise and admire our vision and struggle when you will look back after ten years , setting a goal to reach one billion students ’ learning. Each day, we collaborate with our colleagues and pupils to achieve this goal. If it does not appear implausible, it is not a large sufficient primary objective.

We’re Constructing It. At Any Particular Time, One Reader Is The Leader Learner.


Consider an entire globe in which everyone has the opportunity to improve their lives via academic achievement. We’re constructing it. Together. We will never deviate from such a path. But we’re glad you’re along for the ride.

From Trial To Global Movement

Whereas the World Wide Web enabled large-scale advancement along a broad range of industries, online learning only reached a small percentage of the world’s largest inquiring minds. One afternoon in a time management certification, Professor…… and his colleagues from (mention the institute) devised a long-shot experiment: a platform that would offer their courses online, in affordable range of charges, to anyone willing to take the challenge.