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Terms of Use

1. Accounts

Most actions on our forum require an account. Keep your login someplace safe since you are willing to take responsibility for all account activity. If you assume that someone else is using your login, please notify our Support Staff. To use Reader is leader, you should have reached the legal age of permission for internet platforms in your region.

2. Content Enrollment And Lifetime Access

When you enlist in a class or other content, we grant you a permit to view it only through the Reader is leader Assistance. Make no attempt to transmit or re – sale content. We generally grant you a lifelong authorization permit, but apart from when we are required to disable the information for lawful or fiscal reasons, or when you enlist in Monthly Subscriptions.

You acknowledge to use a legitimate payment system once you pay for something.

3. Payments, Credits, And Refunds

  • Pricing

Reader is leader’s information prices are set by the terms of a Trainer Terms and our Promotions Policy. Especially on mobile system prescribers’ pricing policies and systems regarding the implementation of offers and promotions, the price of content offered on the Reader is leader webpage might not be precisely identical to the offered price on our mobile or TV application areas in some cases.

  • Compensation

You acknowledge to pay the charges for the content you buy, and you agree to allow us to begin charging your credit or debit card or procedure other payment options (such as Boleto, SEPA, direct debit, or mobile wallet) for those service charges. Reader is leader collaborates with payment services and provide you with the handiest financing options.

The most efficient payment techniques in your region, as well as keeping your payment details safe. We reserve the right to update your payment options based on data provided by our service providers for payment. For more information, please see our Privacy Notice.

  • Payouts And Credit For Cash Back

This credit back alternative doesn’t really apply to items purchased of Monthly Subscriptions. We have the option at our judgment, to pertain your reimbursement as a rebate borrowing or a money back to your payment method, based on the functionality of our payment services and the framework from which you bought your content (website), and other aspects.

4. Content And Behavior Rules

Reader is leader can only be used for legal purposes. You are directly responsible for all content you post on our forum. You must comply with our Confidence & Safety Rules as well as the law when posting feedback, queries, comment threads, coursework, and other information, and you must adhere to the intellectual property rights of others. We may suspend your login if you commit repetitive or serious offences. Please notify us if you believe somebody is intruding on your authorship on our forum.

5. Reader Is Leader’s Rights To Content You Post

You own the content you upload to our forum, such as your courses. We have permission to share your information with anybody via any medium, such as marketing on other internet sites.

The content you create as a pupil or teacher (including courses) is yours to keep. The content you create as a pupil or teacher (such as courses) is yours to keep. By posting coursework and other information, you give Reader is leader permission to repurpose as well as start sharing it, but you retain all rights of ownership to your content. If you teach, ensure that you comprehend the content licensing terms outlined in the Instructional Terms.

6. Using Reader Is Leader At Your Own Risk

Reader is leader can be utilized by anyone to produce and distribute content and teachers, and we allow students and instructors to communicate for learning and instruction. Some issues may occur on systems where individuals can share content that can be shared, and you use reader is leader on your own stake.

Because of our service platform, we do not evaluate or modify the content for legal problems, so we are unable to ascertain the legality of information. We have no editorial oversight of the content found on the platform and, as being such, make no guarantees about the content’s durability, truthfulness, precision, or factual accuracy. You depend on any info supplied by a teacher when you access content.

7. Reader Is Leader’s Rights

You warrant and represent that you (as a person or as a delegate of any organization about whose behalf you use the Assistance) are not situated in or a place of residence of any country by providing to relevant United States trade punitive measures or economic sanctions (such as Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, or the Crimea region of Ukraine). You also guarantee you are not a person or entity decided to name on any specifically designated nationwide or rejected list maintained by the US government.

When you become subordinate to such a limitation during in the term of any contract with Reader is leader, you will inform us within 24 hours, and we’ll have the option to end any further commitments to you, starting today with no further responsibility to you (however without bigotry to your other rights).

You may well not, whether directly or indirectly, connect, use, extract, re-export, redirect, transmit, or divulge any fraction of the Facilities or any linked technical data or supplies in contravention of any relevant U.s and other nation output regulate and trade embargoes regulations, guidelines, and restrictions. You acknowledge not to publish any information or future technologies (such as cryptographic data) whose extract is expressly prohibited by such legislation.

8. Subscription Terms

This section contains extra added terms and conditions that pertain to your use our subscription-based compilations as a pupil (“Fees Associated”). You agree to the additional conditions in this segment by using a Subscription Service. It should be noted that use of reader is leader Business is not ruled by these Terms, but rather by the contract between Readers is leader and the subscription institution.